Will the stimulus package help science?

President Obama recently signed into law a trillion spending plan designed to stimulate the sagging (and perhaps crashing) US economy. His emphasis is on Energy, Education, and Health Care Reform. As part of this, the various science funding agencies will receive multi-billion dollar boosts over the next few years with much of it targeted towards basic energy research. This should be good for physics and engineering… thoughts??


2 responses to “Will the stimulus package help science?

  1. As an early career Ph.D. physicist who has seen industrial R&D go overseas and the intense competition for full-time teaching jobs., I would like to suggest a low cost social capital stimulus plan to not only keep early career scientists and engineers from being isolated but to form new start-up companies and ventures.

    Bring people with
    complementary technical skills and resources together. Theory people have been especially vulnerable and could use help in finding partners.

    Universities would benefit in the long run with alumni donations if they could team up students and/or alumni from various majors. Universities spend a significant effort on diversity in recruitment; but, they could do more to encourage team building.

    We might have more women in physical science and less social segregation of people by national origin (it happens a lot) if we make science less like the pyramid scheme of professional sports and more social in the entrepreneurial context. My particular state needs even needs new colleges and universities to supplement underfunded state universities.

    Let’s find new ways to meet each other and work together.

  2. Gordon Thomas

    The stimulus plan will help, but we have to remember in out planning that it is temporary, probably ending in 2010.

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