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Welcome to the Physics Jobs and Careers Blog. Your physics degree is a valuable commodity–more so than you think! You will be surprised to learn that most physicists are not academics. A physics degree can lead you towards an exciting and rewarding career. This blog was created to help students, professionals, and physics job seekers not only find jobs and careers in physics, but also to open dialogs on topics such as what to expect as a graduate student or post-doc, how to land an academic careers and whether or not academia is right for you.

While our focus is on physics and physics related jobs, we welcome comments and posts from all science types. You don’t need to be a member of the American Physical Society (click here to join!), or even a be a physics major to join this forum.

Approximately once per month, members of the CCPD will post a brief article discussing some aspect of life as a working scientist. Most of our posts will pertain to the job search process, but we also have a number of articles penned regarding mid-career transitions, tenure and promotion, and transitioning from bench-top to administration.

To keep up to date, check back from time to time or join the RSS feed for this site. We welcome your comments and suggestions for topics. More importantly, we welcome your posts. If you wish to write a comment for us, please feel free to send us a note.

About the image….You are looking down the barrel of a DNA triple helix in salt water. The DNA is in solid (opaque) licorice bonds, the ions are translucent and the water is space filling but transparent. The illumination effect was obtained by putting a light source in a nearby ion which had the effect of lighting it up almost from inside the helix. Complements of Prof. B. M. Pettitt, University of Houston.


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  1. We are a medical publication whose focus is geared towards promoting awareness on hospitals, including information, news, and reviews on them. We are also in the process of building on our jobs section which will be offering extensive information on jobs in the health care industry. Given the relevance of what you are offering from your site and what our mission is, I feel we may be able to collaborate in some way or another, I look forward to your response regarding the matter.

    Hannah Bevills

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